Limiting factors in the marathon

I’ve got a marathon coming up in October so I’m focussing on these sorts of things at the moment. A lot!
I’ve ‘bonked’ at the 19 mile mark before at its not fun, like ‘the worst half hour running of my life’ not fun, while waiting for a couple of gels and some sports drink to kick in. I learnt a valuable lesson about fuelling that day…


I attempted to do my 20 miler yesterday… failed miserably thanks to sun, heat, and humidity – also my mistake for running at 1pm. There was absolutely no shade. I’ll go into more detail later – I did make it 11 miles though. In the mean time, I found this article on by Jonathan Dugas, and he explains common issues during the Marathon, and how you can avoid them. It’s pretty lengthy, but very helpful.

These are issues that can suddenly appear after 18 miles of feeling great, or after 22 miles of staying on pace for a PR. (Which is exactly where I always hit the wall – between 19 and 22)


There’s solid evidence that the optimal way to pace yourself over any distance longer than 800m is to run an even or negative split, i.e., running the second half of the distance at…

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