Music for running : an open question

I’m on the underground on my to my last game of the Aussie rules season in London, with my “footy pump up” mix blasting into my ears and this got me thinking – why don’t I need music to run? I’ve read many articles that show that listening to music while running improves performance (one article I read said by up to 15%!), but I’ve never seen it or felt it myself.

I’ve tried music while running, especially during the training schedule for my first marathon, with various experiments of headphones and equipment, different sizes of iPods, different carriers etc and I’ve always returned back to empty ears. Am I doing something wrong?

My running playlists have all used music that I find get me going, with tempo around 160 – 170 beats per minute (I read somewhere that was optimum tempo for runners).

I’ve tried using apps which have a ‘boost’ song – hit the button when you feel you’re lagging and you pre-selected ‘boost’ song comes on.

I’ve tried music playlists specifically made for running. I bought Drive: Nike+ Original Run by Chrystal Method, a continuous 45 minute mix perfect for a medium length tempo run.

But I still return to empty ears. Something about the music makes me feel disconnected from what my body is doing during the run. Especially on my hardest runs.

So, I don’t really have a point in this post, it’s actually a question for you.

Do you listen to music when you run or exercise? What sort of music? Do you use it for motivation, or for distraction? In what ways does music help you?

Success filled running everyone!


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