Marathon training : Everyone needs a rest day…

Today is a rest day and for that I am glad!!!

My work trip to Italy (I know – what a hardship!) was a sleep-deprived affair, however I did manage to get my run in as scheduled.

In the 35 degrees Celsius heat.

In humidity levels similar to Equatorial Guinea.

After a 5am wake up and a 14 hour day.

But, I was in Italy, I was in the resort town of Forte dei Marmi, and my run was along the costal path. So I’m not complaining!


Yep, I’ve run along worse tracks…

Tomorrow is also a rest day, as part of a ‘mini taper’ before my race on Sunday, the British 10k London run. As I said in a previous post, I’m not expecting a PB in this race due to my interrupted running earlier in the year, so instead I’m looking forward to enjoying the race and enjoying the scenery.

And if it all gets too tough, I’ll think of the people that my workplace charity support and how they all have a much tougher time than me, day-in-day-out.

My workplace supports Body & Soul, a charity whose aim is to counter the devastating effect that an HIV+ diagnosis has on children, teenagers and their families through strategies to reduce isolation and stress; improve health and well being; promote active lives and create a voice for human rights. It is a great charity and one that helps people that are often stigmatised and marginalise because of their HIV+ status, even though they are perfectly healthy and make an important contribution to society.  I’m running with a group of people in my office, 12 in total, and we are hoping to raise £2000 for Body & Soul. Hopefully we will get there so they can continue their good work!

And just for a bit of shameless tin rattling – If you think this charity is something you might want to support, our JustGiving site is:

Run strong everyone!


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  1. I’m working backwords on my new posts emails. London sounded like a great race, even with the heat. Which I guess you don’t get a lot of in London?
    My company sends me to Ottawa, maybe Vancouver. Italy sounds nice. LOL.

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