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My cross training was just like this. Except for the the gloves, the helmet and the bike. Oh, and the outdoors

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Today was a cross training day for me. And I was glad! After four runs last week I need a break from running to mentally regroup and help ‘work out the kinks’, especially in my calves.

I’ve recently read a good Runner’s World article on cross training and it lists eight (well, seven if you’re a bloke) main benefits, and after doing virtually no cross-training for my first marathon, I can attest to the help it gave me for my second. Most of my cross training for the second marathon was cycling and football, however I’m now adding strength exercises to my cross-training as part of the build-up to my third marathon in October.

My cross training today (well, tonight after work), consisted of 30 minutes on a stationary bike, plus squats (normal and Bulgarian), lunges onto a stability pad, and bridges. I followed all that with a good stretch session, with extra attention on my calves and hip flexors – my usual problem areas. My calves feel better after getting the blood flowing, I feel ‘reset’ and ready to get running again.

Onwards to tomorrow!

Strong running everyone! What do you do for cross training?


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  1. I am notoriously bad about cross training. My favorite forms are walking and yoga. I want to lift weights but find it so boring. I’m a terrible swimmer.

    • I’m a terrible swimmer too. I just can’t get myself into it. I think it’s because I grew up in Australia – I need a beach to enjoy swimming.
      My favourite cross training is cycling and weights/strength/stability work. Yoga is definitely something I should do more of!

      • Yoga is AMAZING for runners. It really is. Check out Rodney Yee’s DVD AM Yoga for Your Week. I recommend it to everyone. It has five 20 min segments targeting a different area. I like the Forward Bends and Hip Openers for a post-run, but they’re all great.

      • Thanks! I’ll have a look. I’ve done yoga before and it did definitely help with flexibility and range of motion. I just struggle to find the time around life, work and running for classes. Maybe a DVD at home is the answer!

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