The next race : British 10k London Run

My race pack for the British 10k London Run has arrived!


Nothing too fancy in this race pack:

  • A race number complete with tear-off baggage tag – better than separate sticker to lose I guess.
  • Loads of safety pins – enough for the number, baggage tag and some spares. Very thoughtful.
  • A great race brochure – complete with advice about the race and good information for runners of all ages and skill levels.
  • One of those info maps with discounts around the race – great for those coming into London for the race
  • A very sweet hand written card from the charity I am running for – Body&Soul
  • I get my running shirt next week at the charity presentation – I’ll let you know about it after I’ve received it.

10 days and a wake-up before the race…

So, how prepared am I?

Physically – Not very prepared. The distance should not present a problem however I have not been running regularly lately, and haven’t done any threshold or tempo runs so I have no idea what sort of pace I can run at over the distance. Going to have to trust the heart rate on my Garmin and see what pace that throws out I guess. I doubt negative splits are going to be on the cards…

Mentally – Quite well prepared. The distance is something I’ve run many times before, so I know I will be able to get around the course. I have reconciled recent injuries and training irregularity with the fact I will not be in good form for a fast race.

My race plan is therefore ‘relaxed’. I’m going to make sure I enjoy this race for the race itself!

It’s a fantastic race, I’m running for a very worthwhile charity, and the course is along the riverfront of one of the best cities in the world. Big Ben, Westminster, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the London Eye are some of the famous landmarks you run past.


No wonder this is London’s premier 10k race!

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Good luck in your race. Those are some great landmarks to run past–in a great city, like you say!

    • Thanks Angela.
      Because I live in London I am so used to these landmarks that I forget they are there. It really is a special race, so I’ll make sure this time that I pay attention to the surrounds while I’m running.

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