Marathon training : the first official run

Today was the first official run of my marathon training!

It was a 5km out-and-back run along the Thames during my lunch break.

As I havent been running much lately I was wondering what the run would be like.  Being ‘official’ – I.e. not jut general fitness – would I feel extra pressure on this run over others? Or would it be fine and I’d just cruise along?

Overall – the run landed somewhere in the middle. It wasn’t too hard, or fast, nor too hot, but it wasn’t  a cruise either. The pace averaged about 5:30/km, which is just over my marathon pace. However, the interesting thing is when looking at my best pace was how fast these were against the average. This means that my speed was yo-yoing a lot, more than could be explained by little rises up and down in elevation or the fact the route was partly tree-lined, leading to GPS errors. I need to get this under control so that I can run at a more even pace, which is more efficient.

Splits average about 5.30/km, however note the 'fastest pace' speeds

Splits average about 5.30/km, however note the ‘fastest pace’ speeds

And I had some arch pain after about 4km, in the right foot. This I found weird, as my recent plantar fasciitis bout has been in my left foot. It could be a leftover from my ankle sprain, however it felt like pressure or tightness in the arch. One thing that is different is I had some new insoles in my shoes. I’m worried they might be pressing up on my arch too much, causing strain. I’ll drop in the standard soles for tomorrow and see how that goes.

Anyway, most of that is dross…

The really interesting thing to see will be whether I can string 3 days of running together in a row. I don’t think I’ve done 3 consecutive days of running since my last marathon in 2011, so it will be a shock to the system. I will certainly need that rest day on Saturday (no AFL game this weekend)! There is of course the complication of Friday runs. Friday is beer day and beer equals no running… Lets see how that pans out. I make no promises!

My training schedule is a 4×1 schedule (Garmin plan tweaked with Hal Higdon Novice) – 4 runs per week, 1 cross training day and 2 rest days. I will do some strength training on the Tuesday rest day, with the Saturday being a true rest day before the long run.

However, I’m still playing AFL and riding, so my schedule will be a bit messed up until August when the AFL season finishes. Until then I’ll be counting AFL training as ‘medium runs’ as it involves training and cycling to and from. Game day counts as a ‘long run’ as its 100 minutes of Fartlek type running, usually covering 10-12k plus. I know this doesn’t quite work as games are on Saturday and I should be doing long runs on Sunday. The current plan is to play on Saturday, and then ‘back-to-back’ with a jog on Sunday. But I’ll have to see what my bruised and battered body thinks of that plan come Sunday mornings!

So, I’m now officially on the path to Palma. Lets see what the next 16 weeks brings!

P.s. Can anyone suggest a UK based half-marathon around August 11th?

All the best for your running everyone!


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  1. Just build up your mileage slowly (remember the 10% rule) and you should be fine running three consecutive days. Congrats on your first “official” day of marathon training!

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