Plantar Fasciitis : The recovery is complete


Without wanting to jinx anything, I’ve thankfully managed to recover from my plantar fasciitis, and I thought I would (finally) complete my page about plantar fasciitis.

I hope anyone who has or suffers from plantar fasciitis finds it useful!

In other news, tomorrow is Day 1 of marathon training. Gulp…


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  1. Woo-hoo!!! Just saw this! Congrats on finally beating that thing!

    • Thanks a lot! Yes, glad to be pain free.
      However, I’m being vigilant to make sure it doesn’t come back. Especially now I’m starting marathon training.
      In fact, it’s off to get my frozen golf balls…

      Hope yours clears up soon as well. I see you are getting into the swimming.
      All the best with your recovery!

  2. I had it years ago and it’s reared its ugly head once again a few months ago. I haven’t run in two months and I still feel it when I walk! Very frustrating. Time to get serious and do some icing and massage with golf balls and tennis balls. Thanks for the info.

    • Bummer. 2 months and still with pain in your foot is a real shame. I know you love to hike as well as run so must be hard!
      Here is a link to some vibram foot exercises if you’re interested. they are meant for helping transition to minimalist shoes (not my thing at all), but are really good for strengthening your feet. I reckon they helped a lot, especially the towel scrunching and heel lifts.

      • And I started wearing Nike Frees after my first bout with plantars and it completely cured me! I’ve worn them ever since, for training and races, and now I have nowhere to go–except barefoot, I guess! I have vibrams as well, but only walk the dogs in them. I’ll check out the exercises.

      • Interesting to hear about your Frees. I could understand that the ‘freer’ movement would allow your feet to move naturally, which could help with PF, which is often biomechanical.
        Though I don’t know if going barefoot to cure PF would work. It could, but it tends to put a lot more strain on your calf muscles and lower limbs due to the forefoot stance, so might be counterproductive to begin with?
        All the advice I’ve seen is no matter what you do, transition slowly and build up mileage gradually. After you’re clear of PF that is!
        All the best for your recovery!

      • Building up slowly is a given since all my leg muscles have atrophied and I’ll have jello legs for the next three months at least. Have you heard of Hoka One Ones? They are super cushioned shoes that ultra trail runners swear by, and I’ve heard a lot say it helped with their PF. It’s kind of the other end of the spectrum from the Nike Frees.

      • I’ve read a bit about them on RunBlogger. They seem to help a lot of people! Here’s a review I saw yesterday in fact, by a guy who runs 70miles a week in Hokas!

      • I actually bought a pair just before I had surgery and have been wearing them on my walks. My family laughs at them and calls them my Moon Boots, but it’s like walking on marshmallows. So far, I really like them!

      • Great! And it’s great to hear you’re out walking already after your surgery! I’ve read that walking is one of the best things for post-surgery recovery, and it sure is good for the mind as you go forwards into the next phase of your treatment.
        I’d be interested to hear what you think of them as you wear them in as my girlfriend struggles with knee pain when running and I’m wondering if these might be a solution!
        All the best.

      • I have the Stinson Evo’s, which are specifically for the road. My only concern is they seem a little wide for my narrow foot, but we’ll see how they feel when I run in them. I’ll keep you posted!

  3. Good luck with the marathon program. Be sure to ramp up slowly and take good care of that foot.

    • Thanks a lot! The PF was a bit of a hit for the base training, but I’ve reassessed my goal.
      And yes, the ramp up will be pretty structured. I’m using a Garmin novice programme, but have tweaked it a bit following the Hal Higdon novice programme.
      I was planning to go with to the HH novice II programme for this race (3rd marathon), but being realistic I havent got the right base for it.
      Next time though…

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