Ankle Injury recovery : Or Refereeing as cross-training?!?

There’s something strange at play here…

On Wednesday I posted some ankle exercises I’ve been using to rehab my ankle, a video by OfficiallyFit, for referees/officials.

I made the point that I’m not an official, but the exercises are good, which is why I used them.

Well, some sort of karma circle has obviously been closed.

Today, I umpired a game of Aussie rules football. The regular umpire for our league game did a no-show and, as I was planning only to run water because of my sprain, someone decided the duty should fall on my shoulders. The last time I umpired a match I was 16, which was 18 years ago…

And it was under-14s, not a senior league game…

I’ll admit I was a bit rusty and I certainly missed a few free-kicks, but overall I got both teams through the game with, I hope, consistent umpiring. I’m sure the peanut gallery would comment “consistently bad” about now…

The plus side though is I covered just over 12km, of fartlek style training. And it was a good test of the ankle. I’m just glad I decided to wear my Garmin just in case!


Link to my Garmin log 

Which means there is nothing stopping me from commencing marathon training Monday. Gulp…


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  1. Ha! That’s quite a map of today’s umpire run!

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