Exercising when there’s no time : Or, Why am I at work this late?!?

Killer day. Stupid work. Expletives!

8.30am meeting to start the day, walked out of the office at 11.02pm. My mind is so mushy right now I’m struggling to decide if that is 14 1/2 or 15 1/2 hours. No, 14 1/2 hours.

Bleurgh. I’m writing this post on my phone in the taxi home.

I feel like opening the front door when I get home and just passing out on the doormat. But, I will exercise tonight.

I will!

I wrote it here, and knowing you will all read it keeps me honest!

So, here’s the plan…
– Get home
– Kiss girlfriend on cheek as she slumbers
– Change into shorts and t-shirt
– Turn on TV
– 1 set of ankle strength exercises
– 1 set of 20 squats
– 1 set of 20 Bulgarian squats
– 1 set of 20 Lunges
– Turn off TV
– Brush teeth
– Sleep
– Wake up, reset and reload for another day
– Crush my 8.30am client meeting
– End the week on a high

Or something like that…

See! There’s always time for exercise if you make time for it.

Happy running (or squatting) everyone!


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Hi, I’m Bernie and I’m a just guy who writes about the things which get me going and get me running, even though my running is never going to result in me standing on a podium!

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    • Hi!
      Bulgarian squats are a variation on a split squat, the variation being your rear foot is elevated, on a step or a coffee table when doing the squat.
      Starting position is standing straight, with your rear foot up on the step behind you. Making sure your weight is planted evenly on your front foot, lower your hips straight towards the floor until your front leg is bent at 90 degrees. Because your rear foot is elevated and takes very little weight, this exercise causes a focus on your glutes and upper hamstring. You need to focus on making sure you are really ‘sitting’ into the squat to make sure you activate your glutes, and to prevent your knee driving forwards beyond 90 degrees.
      I do them because I have a strength imbalance between my quads and hamstring/glutes which I need to fix, but they are a super exercise for stability and strength as well, with the side benefit of making your butt look good in running shorts…

      Here’s a link: http://youtu.be/jyoV909uMPY

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