Ankle injury : Rehabilitation commences. Or: the test of stupid…

While at the physiotherapist today for an ongoing hamstring issue I mentioned my ankle sprain to my physio. She did a quick assessment and confirmed for me that it was a grade 1 sprain of the ATFL in the lateral ligament area.

An image of the lateral ligament complex highlighting the ATFL

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On the plus side, it turned out my ankle mobility was good (thanks to all the alphabet writing!) and strength did not seem impaired. All good news, until:

Her: “You’ll be fine for your game next weekend.

Me: “No, my game is this weekend.

Her: “Um…No, it’s not…

Me: “Oh…

Continues: “On a scale of 1 to ‘stupid’ how bad would it be if I played?

Her: “Pretty stupid. Not Darwin Award stupid, but stupid.

Me: “So not a good idea then?”

Her response was to start dry-needling my hamstring instead. Point made. (Very droll pun – I know).

During the rest of the painful torture treatment we discussed the progress of my ankle sprain and what I had been doing for recovery. I received full marks for my recovery efforts which led to a quick assessment of my stability and ankle strength at the end of the session.

With some wheedling and a promise to increase my recovery exercises I managed to elicit a mollified response of “as your physio I recommend that you do not play. But if you ignore me and decide to play, make sure you do loads of strength and mobility exercises before Saturday and make sure to strap your ankle!

So, here’s the exercise set I’ve been doing.

And, no, I’m not an umpire. And it’s not even my sport that they are umpiring. But – this video has a bunch of great exercises, including my alphabet one, and it’s very thorough.

And because I’m typing this after having been out for dinner and drinks (one too many most likley), I’m going to do my ankle mobility exercises and write the alphabet backwards, like a kind of sobriety test….

Z, Y, W….

Z, Y, X, U…

Z, Y, X, W…


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