Ankle injury : the recovery continues but life must go on

It’s been one of those days where all the things you need to do for recovery from an ankle injury are exactly the things you can’t do.

Today I spent over half the day touring around London with my client looking at office fit-outs for examples of the good, bad and downright ugly. Poor choice for a sprained ankle but not going wasn’t an option.

And to top it off, tonight I went to a gig (Catpower – excellent!) with 3 hours of standing.

All great stuff for an ankle! Not…

Anyway, the moral of this little story is ‘life goes on‘.

A small ankle sprain shouldn’t impact your life that much. Had I not spent that time with my client I wouldn’t have been able to learn his likes and dislikes nor ascertain the level of quality he was after for the office fit-out we’re working on. And had I not gone to the gig I would have missed a performance by an artist I’ve followed for over 10 years and never seen.

All that said, it doesn’t mean I went out with any precautions!

Knowing I had a big day ahead of me I got out the kinesiology tape this morning and strapped my ankle really well. Not the ‘quick strapping’ I’ve been doing to provide some extra protection, but a proper job that would provide additional support and prevent too much flexion or inversion of my ankle.

The reason I used kinesiology tape instead of strapping tape was because I wanted support but with flexibility. At this stage of recovery it’s important to keep the ankle moving so a heavy immobilisation strap would have been counterproductive. And would have made me walk like a badly constructed robot…

There are loads of brands out there, but I prefer Levotape kinesiology tape because, well, it’s good and it’s cheap. And it isn’t pre-cut into strips so I can strap whatever I need to, by cutting strips to the required length. Which comes in useful when you play a sport like Aussie Rules Football and you have weekly niggles to deal with…

Anyway, I’m home now and the strapping job seems to have performed as intended so I’m doing my mobility exercises as I type – spelling out the alphabet (both upper and lower case) with my foot, and doing some (careful) weight bearing techniques. All looks good for commencement of rehabilitation exercises tomorrow!

Safe running everybody!


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  1. Keep signing the alphabet with that foot! Hopefully your ankle will be strong enough to run on again very soon. I see you have a marathon to start training for!

    • Thanks Angela!
      Last night I even did the alphabet in reverse!
      And yep, marathon training starts on Monday… *gulp*.
      All the best for your recovery also!

      • I’m missing my marathon training for Marine Corps. Every day that goes past is like watching the bubbles go down the bathtub drain. Not sure I’ll be able to salvage that race, but we’ll see. Patience: not one of my virtues!

      • I can understand what you mean.
        All I can offer is “goals are flexible”. Sometimes life just gets in the way! Hopefully you’ll be back up and running sooner rather than later, and you can re-assess your goals then.
        I guess goal number 1 now is “get healthy”?

      • Goal number 1 is to regain the weight I lost. Number 2 is to mentally prepare for chemo. Number 3 is to get strong enough to start a slow run/walk routine. Number 4 is to start running again! One step at a time.

      • Good goals! Stay strong!
        One step at a time indeed!

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