Ankle sprain : 72 hours from injury – let the recovery commence!

As I suspected my ankle sprain is pretty minor. Lucky for me! And now that the acute phase is over, it’s time to start the recovery phase.

Before I left for work this morning I strapped my ankle to provide support when walking, and of course minimised my walking throughout the day. Sometimes having an office job without much standing or walking can be a bonus!

My workout tonight consisted of strength and core exercises that didn’t strain my ankle, and a series of ankle mobility exercises to get everything moving. I noticed that there is still a very small amount of pain (like a 1 out of 10) on full flexion, though dorsiflexion and inversion (rolling inwards) are pretty much pain free – a good sign!

Here is the video I used for my ankle mobility exercises:

Tomorrow I plan to move on to exercises that include more weight bearing, but it will depend on how my ankle improves over the next 24 hours. Certainly running looks not to be an option for at least another 3-5 days. Which probably means that my first run will be around day 1 of my 16-week marathon programme!

Another ‘Gulp!’ moment (see my post ‘Positive Running : Goals are flexible‘) – however I’ve decided it’s going to be fine. I’m going to lose very little conditioning in a week, certainly not enough that would have any affect on the end result of 16 weeks of training anyway!

So, onwards and upwards and happy running everyone!

And a special mention to all you Juneathoners out there – keep on truckin’, you’re almost there!


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