Positive Running : Goals are flexible


That was my reaction when I was greeted this morning by a calendar reminder “M minus 18 weeks” on my phone.

‘M’ is for ‘Marathon’…

I’m not feeling like my recent plantar fasciitis and reduced running has allowed me to develop a good base to embark on a marathon training schedule in just 2 weeks time. I experienced a short period of negative thoughts. Not exactly the way to wake up on a Sunday!

As I was mulling over the various possibilities and ways I could fail, I decided to instead look at the situation positively – “What can I do?”, “Where am I now with my running?”

I realised that with the time on the bike, football training and football games my cardio base is still pretty good. I’m just missing actual running time and a solid base of weekly mileage. It’s not like I’m trying to get from the couch to a marathon in 18 weeks!

As I said in a previous post about positive running – goals are flexible – so instead of fretting about it, I have instead reassessed my goal. Sure, I’ve had to accept that a PB on this next marathon is no longer the goal, but by ‘letting go’ I have been able to drop the anxiety and instead focus on what I can control – my own training and subsequent performance.

I spent this afternoon looking for a training schedule which suits my current running and fitness level, and have now settled on a training plan from Garmin. It is a ‘3×2’ plan (3 runs, 2 cross training per week) which suits my busy schedule, as well as adding in pilates/yoga for core strength and flexibility. I’m not likely to do be able to do pilates or yoga frequently, so instead I’ll swap in strength/stability training and specific stretching sessions instead.

Voila! I’m now feeling positive about the marathon again, and am pretty confident that I have found a training schedule which is realistic and can therefore follow without failure. Fingers crossed!

Happy Running everyone!


Get Going, Get Running!

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