Natural Running : Initial thoughts on the ASICS Gel Excel 33

ASICS Gel Excel 33 counterHooray, just in time for the weekend! A post that is about leaving plantar fasciitis behind!

Well, enough to allow a return to running a few times a week and to clock up about 50km in my new ASICS Gel Excel 33 trainers. I figure now I’ve had the chance to go for a few runs it would be a good time to do a quick review of my experience of them so far.

First off, I rate this shoe highly. Great fit, good cushioning (but not too much), flexible and light, and well suited to my mid-foot to forefoot strike.

When walking the low heel drop feels strange at first, probably because I’ve always had ‘regular’ trainers, however when you are running you don’t notice the heel drop – just the ease with which you can land on your mid-foot and transition forwards onto your toes for the toe-off. I’m not sure these would be suited to pronounced heel strikers, the low drop seems to make it take longer for your heel to hit the ground, which could lead to over-striding. Certainly I noticed this on downward slopes at least.

I will put up a more detailed review once I have done some more miles, but in the meantime these shoes are shaping up to be a good solid pair of high mileage trainers.

Which means (checks to see if girlfriend is reading over shoulder) I’m on the lookout for a new pair of shoes for my fast runs and speed work…

Happy running for the weekend everyone!


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