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Plantar Fasciitis : The recovery is complete


Without wanting to jinx anything, I’ve thankfully managed to recover from my plantar fasciitis, and I thought I would (finally) complete my page about plantar fasciitis.

I hope anyone who has or suffers from plantar fasciitis finds it useful!

In other news, tomorrow is Day 1 of marathon training. Gulp…


Get Going, Get Running!

Ankle Injury recovery : Or Refereeing as cross-training?!?

There’s something strange at play here…

On Wednesday I posted some ankle exercises I’ve been using to rehab my ankle, a video by OfficiallyFit, for referees/officials.

I made the point that I’m not an official, but the exercises are good, which is why I used them.

Well, some sort of karma circle has obviously been closed.

Today, I umpired a game of Aussie rules football. The regular umpire for our league game did a no-show and, as I was planning only to run water because of my sprain, someone decided the duty should fall on my shoulders. The last time I umpired a match I was 16, which was 18 years ago…

And it was under-14s, not a senior league game…

I’ll admit I was a bit rusty and I certainly missed a few free-kicks, but overall I got both teams through the game with, I hope, consistent umpiring. I’m sure the peanut gallery would comment “consistently bad” about now…

The plus side though is I covered just over 12km, of fartlek style training. And it was a good test of the ankle. I’m just glad I decided to wear my Garmin just in case!


Link to my Garmin log 

Which means there is nothing stopping me from commencing marathon training Monday. Gulp…


Get Going, Get Running!

Exercising when there’s no time : Or, Why am I at work this late?!?

Killer day. Stupid work. Expletives!

8.30am meeting to start the day, walked out of the office at 11.02pm. My mind is so mushy right now I’m struggling to decide if that is 14 1/2 or 15 1/2 hours. No, 14 1/2 hours.

Bleurgh. I’m writing this post on my phone in the taxi home.

I feel like opening the front door when I get home and just passing out on the doormat. But, I will exercise tonight.

I will!

I wrote it here, and knowing you will all read it keeps me honest!

So, here’s the plan…
– Get home
– Kiss girlfriend on cheek as she slumbers
– Change into shorts and t-shirt
– Turn on TV
– 1 set of ankle strength exercises
– 1 set of 20 squats
– 1 set of 20 Bulgarian squats
– 1 set of 20 Lunges
– Turn off TV
– Brush teeth
– Sleep
– Wake up, reset and reload for another day
– Crush my 8.30am client meeting
– End the week on a high

Or something like that…

See! There’s always time for exercise if you make time for it.

Happy running (or squatting) everyone!


Get Going, Get Running!

Ankle injury : Rehabilitation commences. Or: the test of stupid…

While at the physiotherapist today for an ongoing hamstring issue I mentioned my ankle sprain to my physio. She did a quick assessment and confirmed for me that it was a grade 1 sprain of the ATFL in the lateral ligament area.

An image of the lateral ligament complex highlighting the ATFL

Image credit

On the plus side, it turned out my ankle mobility was good (thanks to all the alphabet writing!) and strength did not seem impaired. All good news, until:

Her: “You’ll be fine for your game next weekend.

Me: “No, my game is this weekend.

Her: “Um…No, it’s not…

Me: “Oh…

Continues: “On a scale of 1 to ‘stupid’ how bad would it be if I played?

Her: “Pretty stupid. Not Darwin Award stupid, but stupid.

Me: “So not a good idea then?”

Her response was to start dry-needling my hamstring instead. Point made. (Very droll pun – I know).

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Ankle injury : the recovery continues but life must go on

It’s been one of those days where all the things you need to do for recovery from an ankle injury are exactly the things you can’t do.

Today I spent over half the day touring around London with my client looking at office fit-outs for examples of the good, bad and downright ugly. Poor choice for a sprained ankle but not going wasn’t an option.

And to top it off, tonight I went to a gig (Catpower – excellent!) with 3 hours of standing.

All great stuff for an ankle! Not…

Anyway, the moral of this little story is ‘life goes on‘.

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Ankle sprain : 72 hours from injury – let the recovery commence!

As I suspected my ankle sprain is pretty minor. Lucky for me! And now that the acute phase is over, it’s time to start the recovery phase.

Before I left for work this morning I strapped my ankle to provide support when walking, and of course minimised my walking throughout the day. Sometimes having an office job without much standing or walking can be a bonus!

My workout tonight consisted of strength and core exercises that didn’t strain my ankle, and a series of ankle mobility exercises to get everything moving. I noticed that there is still a very small amount of pain (like a 1 out of 10) on full flexion, though dorsiflexion and inversion (rolling inwards) are pretty much pain free – a good sign!

Here is the video I used for my ankle mobility exercises:

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Cross training : A vital part of your training. But try not to fall over…

Cross training – doing other exercises that are complimentary to running – is usually accepted as a good idea, and a valuable part of your training.

Except when this happens…

An image showing 2 angles of a right ankle sprain with lateral ligament complex

Swelling and minor bruising to right ankle

Cause – A stumble on an uneven Aussie rules football pitch.

Result – a sprained ankle and probably a week off running.

This isn’t a mopey article however. I am a firm believer in cross training and the benefits it can have for your running. I know I am probably going to miss a week or so of running, but the cardio fitness and stamina I have gained from training and playing Aussie rules still outweighs the negative of a week off running.

Anyway, I could have tripped over while jogging and done as much damage – sometime stuff just happens!

The main point of this post is that the important thing is not the injury itself (as I said, stuff happens), but managing the injury properly in order to minimise the time off exercise.

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Power legs workout

John from Fit For a Year posted a new challenge today. 30 days of this stuff!

I already use these exercises as part of my cross training routine to build explosive power, increase stability and strengthen my core. The jumping lunges also help with the imbalance in strength between by hamstrings/glutes and quads.

30 days straight though? No thanks…

Let’s be honest with each other. These exercises are hard – downright nasty almost. There is a teaspoon full of masochism needed to make yourself go through a full workout like this, but the completion will give you a great feeling of accomplishment.

But 30 days straight is not for me. I’ll stick to weekly/fortnightly I reckon!

Positive Running : Goals are flexible


That was my reaction when I was greeted this morning by a calendar reminder “M minus 18 weeks” on my phone.

‘M’ is for ‘Marathon’…

I’m not feeling like my recent plantar fasciitis and reduced running has allowed me to develop a good base to embark on a marathon training schedule in just 2 weeks time. I experienced a short period of negative thoughts. Not exactly the way to wake up on a Sunday!

As I was mulling over the various possibilities and ways I could fail, I decided to instead look at the situation positively – “What can I do?”, “Where am I now with my running?”

I realised that with the time on the bike, football training and football games my cardio base is still pretty good. I’m just missing actual running time and a solid base of weekly mileage. It’s not like I’m trying to get from the couch to a marathon in 18 weeks!

As I said in a previous post about positive running – goals are flexible – so instead of fretting about it, I have instead reassessed my goal. Sure, I’ve had to accept that a PB on this next marathon is no longer the goal, but by ‘letting go’ I have been able to drop the anxiety and instead focus on what I can control – my own training and subsequent performance.

I spent this afternoon looking for a training schedule which suits my current running and fitness level, and have now settled on a training plan from Garmin. It is a ‘3×2’ plan (3 runs, 2 cross training per week) which suits my busy schedule, as well as adding in pilates/yoga for core strength and flexibility. I’m not likely to do be able to do pilates or yoga frequently, so instead I’ll swap in strength/stability training and specific stretching sessions instead.

Voila! I’m now feeling positive about the marathon again, and am pretty confident that I have found a training schedule which is realistic and can therefore follow without failure. Fingers crossed!

Happy Running everyone!


Get Going, Get Running!

Natural Running : Initial thoughts on the ASICS Gel Excel 33

ASICS Gel Excel 33 counterHooray, just in time for the weekend! A post that is about leaving plantar fasciitis behind!

Well, enough to allow a return to running a few times a week and to clock up about 50km in my new ASICS Gel Excel 33 trainers. I figure now I’ve had the chance to go for a few runs it would be a good time to do a quick review of my experience of them so far.

First off, I rate this shoe highly. Great fit, good cushioning (but not too much), flexible and light, and well suited to my mid-foot to forefoot strike.

When walking the low heel drop feels strange at first, probably because I’ve always had ‘regular’ trainers, however when you are running you don’t notice the heel drop – just the ease with which you can land on your mid-foot and transition forwards onto your toes for the toe-off. I’m not sure these would be suited to pronounced heel strikers, the low drop seems to make it take longer for your heel to hit the ground, which could lead to over-striding. Certainly I noticed this on downward slopes at least.

I will put up a more detailed review once I have done some more miles, but in the meantime these shoes are shaping up to be a good solid pair of high mileage trainers.

Which means (checks to see if girlfriend is reading over shoulder) I’m on the lookout for a new pair of shoes for my fast runs and speed work…

Happy running for the weekend everyone!


Get Going, Get Running!

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