Beginner Runner Tip #7

Beginner Runner Tip #7

Running is Hard – You Need to Acclimatise

Most beginner runners don’t know that whenever you begin a new exercise regime your fitness level will actually drop a little while your body gets used to the new demands you’re putting on it.

During this period your body is spending time and energy changing your metabolism, repairing hitherto unstressed muscles and ligaments and building newer, stronger muscles in their place. This is often the time when beginners start to feel tired, drained or ‘wiped out’ and sadly quit their new sport. Understanding that it takes your body about four to six weeks to acclimatise to the new demands means you can anticipate it and know that it is just part of the process. Persevere through and you’ll quickly pull out of the dip and begin to feel faster, fitter and stronger than before you started.

Remember to start out slowly. Many new runners experience common injuries like shin splints, cramps, muscle strains and joint pain from going too far, too fast. Follow your beginner plan and slowly build up your number of training days and your mileage as your body acclimatises. Once you reach a point of being able to run non-stop for about 5km/30 minutes – about six to eight weeks in most beginner plans – your body should be acclimatised to regular running.

Once you’ve acclimatised you can use this base to keep up your fitness and enjoy the benefits running is giving you, or push on from this base to take your running to a higher level. Both options are equally valid, it will depend on what you want to get out of your running and there is no wrong answer. Being a runner is not about how far or fast you go, it’s about getting out the door and going running.

Happy running everyone!


Get Going, Get Running!

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